I can't keep track of all the beds... Someone didn't pay and I missed out on another potential tenant... I can't keep my beds full month-to-month... I don't know how to promote my property... I am based out of Philadelphia next month and live in Colorado.... I don't know where to find crashpads... 


These are all things I continued to hear as I began my career as a commercial pilot. I too faced the same challenges, I couldn't find a crashpad in the area I needed and the ones I was able to find were at full capacity. Finding short-term affordable housing is a necessity for people like me who travel for a living and don't have the luxury of being based where I reside. I remember having this exact conversation with my wife who is a software marketing director over dinner, because I wasn't sure where I was going to live next month. It was then that she said, let's make a place for homeowners to manage their home's scheduling needs while creating a space for pilots, flight attendants and anyone in the travel/aviation industry to find affordable housing and make it easy to book. 


It was then that Pure Crashpads was born. We spent several years working on developing a fully custom website and scheduling system that allowed the capabilities we imagined. A way for homeowners to easily promote their properties, rent out beds (depending on the number of beds they have available) and to also collect payment directly to their Paypal accounts. We provide the service and individual home management tools to our homeowners while giving potential tenants a way to search, book and pay for properties that best suit their needs.


As we continue down this journey we hope you will join us, and are always looking for ways to improve. So please reach out to us